Managing Stress in the Workplace


Stress in the workplace is more common than you think. Employees have pressing deadlines, monthly reports, tax season on their minds and special projects. Stress within the workplace can be overwhelming to professionals and can become a health risk.

Below are 5 tips on how to keep your stress level to a minimum.

  • Take a Break

It is important to take advantage of vacation days. They are meant to be used… use them! Companies give you vacation days for a reason. It is important to take a mental health day to reset your body and mind. Taking a vacation day is beneficial for your health. After all, how can you help others if you can’t help yourself?

  • Ask for Help!

Asking for help from a Manager can help make your life easier. They are there for that reason. If you are a manager and need help, hire help! Trying to juggle too many projects at once can cause for costly mistakes. No one will look at you differently. In fact, they will respect you more for reaching out and utilizing your resources.

  • Walk Around

GET UP AND MOVE! Allow your blood to flow. It is important during the day that you get up from your seat and stretch your legs. Sitting all day can cause pain in your lower back. This will get your blood moving which is good to help your body and mind destress.

  • Take control

Take control of your schedule. Prioritize your time efficiently. Block off some time on your calendar for different tasks you are doing. If you have big projects coming up, start them early so you are not doing them last minute. Prepare yourself for unexpected tasks by organizing your schedule to accommodate.

  • Listen to Music

Putting in headphones and listening to some of your favorite artists, can be one of the easiest ways to smooth out nerves or stress. Find some music that can motivate you. Listening to classical music such as Mozart can stimulate your brain and help you concentrate. Putting on your headphones can also block out any distractions that are around the office and help you focus on tasks you need to complete.

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