How to Create a Positive Onboarding Process


Today’s tight labor market has created severe challenges on finding candidates. This is why it is important now more than ever to create a successful and efficient onboarding process. The goals of onboarding are to inform an employee of the company to effectively encourage long term retention.

First impressions are everything. From day one, don’t make it all about paperwork, make sure you are making it personal and building an interpersonal relationship with these new hires. It is important to make sure you are welcoming, whether they are a temporary or permanent employee; you should always make them feel they are valued.

Some onboarding processes can be complex and confusing. Making your process fun, interesting and easy to retain can create a very positive experience for a new employee. Every company comes with its own rules, benefits, perks and traditions. For an employee, it can be hard to remember all of this information when you first start with a new company. A lot of information is thrown at you and it’s hard to retain every little detail. Creating a simplified process that is easy for an employee to comprehend can be extremely helpful. Providing your new employee with a “cheat sheet” of important policies and procedures, sick and vacation time, benefits and other relevant information is crucial to helping them retain a plethora of information.

Why is Onboarding important?

Employee onboarding can reduce turnover and high retention rate. This is due to effectively characterizing culture, morale and productivity. By creating a simplified and informational onboarding process, you will reduce the time it takes for an employee to learn the ins and outs of a company; allowing them to jump into their role faster and more efficiently.

Zempleo takes pride in onboarding the correct way. We have a dedicated compliance and risk mitigation team that are well versed in HR Labor Laws nationwide. The compliance team implements custom onboarding paperwork to meet all NGS requirements and makes sure all paperwork is correctly filled out and completed. After an employee is onboarded, our team conducts weekly audits on paperwork and data entry in our payroll system to ensure there are no discrepancies.

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