How to Successfully Hire in the Energy Sector


Hire in the Energy Sector. 

With unemployment at the lowest level in recent U.S. history, the energy sectors are continuing to grow. It has added 152,000 new jobs last year. Over the last 12 months we have seen a dramatic turn in finding qualified workers. This is specifically due to changes in the market (tight labor), technology development (AI), and new regulations/compliance. However, overall, even with these changes, the energy sector is predicted to grow 3% in 2019.

With these potential changes in the market, it will be more important than ever to retain and attract the right candidates for the success of your business. With the demand of the energy positions, you will need specialized workers that are knowledgeable and understand certain areas of the field.

The biggest factors that will improve your hiring will be time/cost, Job Posting/Target and Compensation.

Time/Cost: With the labor market where it is, qualified applicants will be hard to come by. Looking at your hiring process will help you retain and attract the right applicants for your open positions. You don’t want to take too long on the decision process. However, with higher level positions, you also don’t want to be hasty. It will be important to find that balance. Examining your cost will help you focus on the resources you need to provide the best outcomes. Looking into working with a staffing company can help with the burden costs and save you time.

Job Postings/Target: Creating the right job description will be key to ensuring that qualified applicants will apply. Of course, you will get some that do not meet the qualifications but tailoring the demands for the job will improve the quality of applicants. A great way to improve would be to research what you have done in the past. How many applicants applied? How many of those were actually qualified for the position? You can try AB testing and changing some of the wording, as well as where you posted to see if you get more applicants from different changes.

Compensation: Having a competitive compensation package will help attractive the top applicants. You don’t always have to have the highest salary but having other factors can attract talent such as benefits, PTO, commissions, bonus, etc.

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