4 Ways to Help Stay Positive While Working During the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic


With the overwhelming information regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, it can be quite hard to stay positive during this time. Especially since many companies have been implementing mandatory work-from-home policies as Americans are trying to break the spread by practicing social distancing. This can cause a lot of people to feel lonely and hard to focus as so much is going on. It will be very important to have keep positive thoughts around you while we tackle remote working.  Research shows that positive thinking has high impact on your work, your health and your life.

As working from home is not a natural behavior for most, Remote working has been a big topic in 2020. As many remote jobs have popped up in the first quarter. With that being said, many are used to working from home, at Zempleo we have many workers that currently are remote employees and can help tackle people’s challenges with it.

Below are some quick tips to keep in mind while we are working from home during this pandemic.

Take Advantage of Time: As work travel, conferences, etc. are being canceled, this is a great way to take advantage of this extra time. Are there certain projects that have been put to the side? This is a great way to finish those tasks that have been on your list for a while. Set up some meetings with your team and re-evaluate your strategies, maybe re-create some of them.

As mentioned above, many Americas are working from home and some may have extra distractions. This could be hard to focus on work sometimes. But allow yourself to work the normal hours you have been working. Give yourself a work area and get dressed. These will all help you focus on the task in front of you and not your “roommate co-workers”.

Support Local Business: I am sure you have seen all over social media that people are spreading the word to help local businesses. This allows us to keep or communities strong and intact. There is a lot of ways we can show support.

Visit your local restaurant websites, buy gift cards or if they are still offering take out, make a point to order some food from them. If your local shops have online merchandise, order some goods. Another great way to help support is pre-paying for services that you normally do, such as haircuts, nail appointments, etc. These are great ways to help your local business and still practice social distancing.

Engagement: While we are taking this time to work remotely, it can make us feel isolation from our co-workers, that is why engagement will be very important for you to be positive during this time. With new technology that has evolved, this has made it quite easy to achieve. As you can set up weekly meetings with your team or company via video conference.

Not only can you do video conferencing but take a walk outside or sit outside on your lunch break. This will allow you to rest your mind and be able to tackle the next task with a clearer mind.

Kindness: Practicing random acts of kindness is a feel-good task that releases positivity. By showing kindness, will encourage others to do so as well. Send a nice email to someone about how you appreciate them or even send them a virtual gift card.

Kindness is sometimes disregarded. The simple tasks of waving to our neighbor as we do social distancing can create positivity to you and them. It will be very important that during this time of “isolation” we will want to spread positivity nationwide.

As we are constantly seeing news articles of COVID-19, it will be important to stay positive at this time. Take this time to use these tips to help de-stress and be more productive. Together as a team, we can get through this time and come out even better than how we entered it.

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