5 Ways to Ensure Your Team Feels Valued


When teams are valued in an organization, they are more likely to stay and be loyal. It also can help them improve job performance and satisfaction.

Here are 5 ways to help your team feel valued:

Listen and Connect

While most of our teams are now remote, it will be even more important to listen and connect with each team member. Make sure you are open to discuss any struggles they are having or even positive outcomes that have happened recently. Listen to them and connect with them, even remotely. It will ensure that your team members will feel valued.

Challenge Them

By challenging your employees, you’ll allow them to be engaged with their work and stay motivated. If someone is constantly doing the same thing over and over, they will feel burned out. As we continue to work remotely, we have a good opportunity to challenge our employees. Discover their capabilities and suggest where they need to grow to get themselves to the next level.

Constant Communication

Being in constant communication with your employees will help with their productivity, efficiency and overall morale in the company.  Scheduling weekly check ins to see how things are going and how you can help with any challenges they may be facing with certain projects are very good. This also helps your employee feel valued and reinforces the fact that you haven’t forgotten them. Working from home can be lonely, and by you communicating often, you’ll allow your employee to feel engaged and eager.

Career Development

Career development is key for any positions. They are so many ways people can constantly be developing new skills or enhancing old ones. As a manger, giving your employees ways to help with career development will be beneficial for you and the employee.


Giving feedback to an employee can be awkward at times but it is important to let them know about ways they can improve.  Feedback can be a positive way  for employees to change to improve their focus and results. It helps them perform better, ultimately giving them satisfaction when they do the job more efficiently.

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