Best Practices for Onboarding a Large Contingent Workforce

Most industries use a large contingent workforce to supplement their traditional workforce and, in some cases, replace the traditional workforce altogether. During these large-scale replacements, the need can arise for a sizable contingent onboarding project.

Below are key best practices to consider when onboarding a large contingent workforce:

A conscious plan must be determined to execute a large onboarding project successfully. The staffing agency and client should commit to a significant amount of planning time to ensure that all parties are satisfied with the plan before execution. Timelines must be attached to each step. Project steps and timelines should be reviewed on a regular basis to track and modify as needed.

Bill rates must be firmly established between the client and staffing vendor. An additional layer of review on rates ensures the calculation is correct. Eliminating errors prevents unpleasant rate conversations with employees and facilitates a smooth transition.

The communication prerequisites need to be identified in the planning stage and specifically called out in the project plan. This expectation needs to be agreed upon by the client and the staffing agency. Clear and concise regular updates between the client and agency can streamline the communication for both teams. Thus, making it a smooth transition for both sides.

Setting up large scale onboarding presentations create an efficient way to share copious amounts of information with a sizable group. This allows the employee to attend the prescheduled presentation that best suits their timetable. Establishing a communication vehicle to answer questions that might arise for employees is another important step that cannot be over emphasized.

Managing expectations between the client, staffing agency and prospective employees will result in satisfaction between all parties. Communicating regularly and clearly, even to the point of over-communication, is well worth the time invested from all parties. Following the steps outlined above will achieve the desired results.


Heather Kiser, HR Account Specialist at Zempleo 


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