Mental Health Awareness: Tips on how not to feel burnt out at work

Mental Health Awareness

May marks the start of Mental Health Awareness Month, which is observed to help raise awareness of those living with mental or behavioral health issues and to reduce the stigma around it. It first was overserved in 1949 and was created by the Mental Health America organization.

This month is a great month to build awareness about mental health and be able to create a healthy environment in the workplace as well!

In honor of this month, we break down 6 ways to help not feel burnt out at work.

Sleep and recharge: The biggest thing is to get enough sleep! Don’t forget to get some rest and protect your health. This helps you recharge overnight and allows you to wake up to a new day and new perspectives.

Shut down after work: It is very important for you to shut down work when you are done and don’t think about it. Relax and recharge your mind, you tend to feel burnt out when all you think about it work 24/7. Allow yourself at the end of work to shut down your computer and do not look at it until the next day so you can recharge and have a fresh outlook the next day!

Ask for help: Don’t be afraid to ask for help! Let other knows you are needing help and don’t feel any less that you are asking. Many workplaces offer great resources to help you!

Take Mental breaks: Don’t forget to take breaks during the day. Even if it is a couple of minutes. Walk outside, step away from your computer and give your mind a break.

Balance Tasks: Prioritize your workload, write a list of items by importance, and cross them off your list as you complete them. This helps create your day and gives you expectations each time. It also helps with deliverables and be honest with your colleagues about when you can get things done.

Don’t be scared to say no: When you have a lot on your workload, don’t be afraid of saying no to things. You want to ensure you are balancing your workload and giving yourself time to recover as well. So don’t be scared to say no to things if it might overwhelm you.

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