The Most Overlooked Trait in Leadership

When you think about leadership and the traits that go along with it, you may think about strength, motivation, vision, enthusiasm, etc. However, a lot of individuals may never think of the word humility and how it can contribute to being an effective leader and team player.

Humility is the most overlooked trait but it is one of the important leadership traits for creating an environment for all employees to feel included while increasing satisfaction and job performance.

To be a humble leader you must do the following:

  1. Learn from criticism
  2. Inspire people to learn and develop
  3. Take risks
  4. Hold people accountable for results
  5. Admit mistakes
  6. Ensure people have what they need to do a good job
  7. Encourage feedback

By admitting to a mistake and demonstrating to your team that you, too, have imperfections, you allow others to realize we are all human. Ultimately, your goal as a leader should be to reward your employees’ efforts. Sharing your own personal faults or shortcomings practices humility and allows for teachable moments so your counterparts can potentially avoid the same mistakes.

Humility is a fresh approach to management. It allows you to accept that you cannot do it alone but you need to enlist others to help. This brings a transparency to your company that allows others to feel open about suggesting opinions and feedback. This brings trust within a company and allows employees to feel they are all on an equal playing field.

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