Increase profitability and promote fresh ideas by working with a certified MBE.

Take advantage of a myriad of financial incentives and protect your business from costly non-compliance penalties by working with a minority-owned business that brings a new perspective to your enterprise.

Finding the right certified MBE to fulfill your diversity spend can pose a challenge. Many minority-owned businesses lack the size, capability or reach to support your objectives. As one of the largest minority-owned staffing companies in the United States, we have over a decade of experience providing expert payroll and HR services for large scale programs.

We have the capacity to operate as a prime contractor or sub-contractor under a prime who wants to increase diversity spending without compromising professionalism or experience. Our client list includes Fortune 500 companies, utilities, government contractors and insurance companies who require cost-competitive, high-value services from a financially stable, certified MBE that has the capacity to handle large accounts.

Reasons to Increase Your Diversity Spend

Business Incentives

Partnering with an MBE increases opportunity to expand your business and open up your client base to a larger demographic.

Support a Thriving Economy

Support the success of an array of businesses by encouraging growth and competition from emerging organizations throughout multiple industries.

Promote Innovation

Top ideas come from fresh thinking. Grant greater opportunity to businesses with new perspectives.

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