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New Minimum Wages Going into Effect on July 1, 2021

New Minimum Wages Going into Effect on July 1. 
According to the Department of Labor, more than twenty states will … read more

Zempleo Partners With EPG Group to Expand Global Payroll, HR and Workforce Management Services

We are excited to announce our new strategic partnership with EPG Group, a leading global provider for Payroll, Workforce Management … read more

1099 vs W2: What is the Difference?

1099 vs W2: What is the Difference?
The difference between a W2 employee and 1099 contractor can be confusing. With … read more

4 Effective Employee Retention Strategies for 2021

As leaders are settling into 2021, many of us are rethinking how we can create a successful environment for our … read more

Open Enrollment: 10 Tips to Ensure a Smooth Process

Open Enrollment: 10 Tips to Ensure a Smooth Process
There have been many changes to the workforce due to the … read more

Best Practices for Onboarding a Large Contingent Workforce

Most industries use a large contingent workforce to supplement their traditional workforce and, in some cases, replace the traditional workforce … read more

Avoiding Employee Turnover in a Remote Environment

Let’s start by looking at the bad news: Employee turnover is expensive! It’s estimated that in order to replace an … read more

Honoring Black History Month 2021

Black History Month is a celebration of achievements by African Americans in U.S. history. In September of 1915, an American … read more

Benefits of Outsourcing Payroll in 2021

Outsourcing Payroll in 2021
With the pandemic, organizations have taken a step back and started to re-create business models that … read more

New Employment Laws in 2021

New Employment Laws in 2021
As of January 1, 2021, numerous new employment laws will go/ have gone into effect. … read more

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