5 Ways to Stay Engaged with your Teams While Working Remote


How to Stay Engaged with your Teams While Working Remote?

For many this is a whole new way of working for many teams. It can be hard to focus and stay connected. Below we broke down 5 ways you can stay connected with your teams.

Create New Team Rituals ( Virtual Coffee Breaks, Lunch, Happy Hour)

This is a great opportunity for teams to create new team rituals to stay connected with one another. As working from home can get lonely, you could schedule weekly virtual coffee breaks where you all to hop on Zoom and drink a cup of coffee together. This could also include lunch breaks or even a virtual happy hour. This doesn’t need to be longer than 10-30 minutes, just a quick check in to allow yourself to feel connected with your team and not just speaking over the phone, text or email.

Daily/Weekly Check Ins

Checking in with your teams to see how their projects are going or even just how they are is another great way to stay connected. You can go over what projects you are tackling this week and maybe go over challenges that you may be having and what you could do differently. This also keeps teams productive and effectively getting their work done. It allows for employees to be responsible knowing that every Monday they will be giving a progress report on projects and teams can collaborate on what is being done .

Share Photos ( Pets, Kids, Food, Working Station)

Sharing photos is a great way for teams to bond over similarities and differences. Having a photo contest and allowing them to vote on it, can be a fun way for friendly competitions. It allows for teams to bond in a virtual way and allow for teams to be united and work very well together.

Virtual Games (Trivia, Bingo, Pictionary)

Hosting virtual games is another fun way for teams to connect and stay engaged. Having an engaged workforce will help with the success of your team and production of work. Encouraging the friendly competition will allow your team to de-stress from the day and not think about work or what is going on in the world right now.

Staying Positive

Encouraging your team to stay positive will be the most influential thing right now. Share positivity by sending thank you emails or just appreciation emails to team members. Send encouraging music for them to listen to while working, even host team yoga sessions or work out videos to allow them to feel good. A positive and happy team will give you the best work.

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