Zempleo Celebrates 2022 National Staffing Employee Week

staffing week

Monday, September 13th begins 2022 National Staffing Employee Week which is promoted by American Staffing Association. This week is dedicated to recognizing the millions of temporary and contract employees that have made remarkable impact on our economy each year. Throughout the week, staffing firms across the United States will host events/recognize their employees to help show their appreciation.

Started in 1940s during World War II, staffing firms were first established. As it comes to a surprise to many that they have been around for quite some time, they were started when the soldiers were sent overseas, leaving many open positions behind. This caused many businesses to struggle to find talent which was then when staffing firms were established. As they were able to help fill the void of missing talent and able to hire quickly.

There has been said that around 25,000 Staffing/Employment firms that exist throughout the United States (pre-pandemic). Additionally, these firms contribute to hiring over 16 million people a year which include temporary, contract and permanent placement.

Zempleo is proud to provide job opportunities to candidates across the country by helping match them to top-level companies. Starting Monday, September 13th, Zempleo will be celebrating our employees and helping recognize the strong impact that they have made on our company each year. Each one of our employees are essential to our success and we are incredibly grateful for them. On behalf of the entire Zempleo team – We want you to know that we sincerely appreciate you, this week and every week. Happy 2022 National Staffing Employee Week!

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