6 Onboarding Tips to Keep Employees Engaged

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6 Onboarding Tips to Keep Employees Engaged

Employee engagement is a hot topic right now in this job market. As it is a key factor in reducing turnover and boosting performance. Employees who are engaged from their first day are more likely to stick around and perform well. Onboarding is one of the best ways to ensure this.  According to research by Brandon Hall Group, a great employee onboarding can improve employee retention by 82%

Here are 6 onboarding tips to keep employees engaged:

Set Clear Expectations

From the moment a new hire starts, it sets the tone for the rest of their time at your company. You will want to set out clear expectations and information for your new hire to succeed. A great way to do this is create a FAQ sheet to help your new hire with common questions they may have before they start.

Over Communicate

The biggest complaint job seekers will have is that there isn’t enough communication between the employer and new hire. You want to make sure you are overly communicating, make sure you are giving the new hire enough information for them to be ready for their first day, and the rest of their employment with you.


Before a new hire starts, you will want to ensure all the admin work is done so your new hire isn’t doing busy work on their first day. As your HR team will be doing the heavy lifting with HR documents, you should also ensure their technology is ready for when they arrive which includes, company computer, email, phone, etc. This will ensure that their first day is as smooth as possible.

Scheduling Invites

During the first few weeks, scheduling out a new hire’s training sessions and meetings can help keep everyone organized. It also creates a proactive approach to help the new hire succeed.

Make an announcement

A great way for new hires to feel welcome is making an announcement to the company or team about them. You can even add some fun to it and put in some fun facts about the new hire. This allows them to connect with co-workers and team members.

Get Feedback

Requesting feedback about your hiring process can help you improve it by gathering real experience insight from candidates who have become team members. Asking for feedback isn’t just about the new hires but about your whole process as a whole. It can help you engage more candidates for future positions you may be hiring for.

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