Onboarding Hundreds of Employees for a Single Project

Project Background

An electric services client needed an auxiliary group of support staff employees to complete their annual repainting of gas meters in residential neighborhoods. This statewide initiative required approximately 100 contingent staff to be onboarded by the same day for a project with a duration of 2.5 months.

Services & Solutions

This project was previously handled by the client directly, but coordinating the onboarding proved to be very time consuming for their internal teams. The client looked to Zempleo to support their efforts. The project kicked off with only 25 painters but because of our ability to provide onboarding services for large groups in a timely manner, the project ultimately grew to include 100+ meter painters, and is still in operation. Each year our HR Ops team orientates, screens, onboards and puts all painters to work by the client’s required start date.

Outcome & Results

Due to the success of this project, we were able to successfully negotiate new rates specifically for this group. We have seen this project grow in numbers and length of projects year over year.

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