Payroll Industry Trends in 2019

Payroll Industry Trends in 2019

Payroll has changed quite a bit over the years with new technology, regulatory/legislation changes and new developmental processes. As technology advances, payroll is becoming more smooth, which is helping businesses to better manage their Human Resource functions.

Here are the top trends for 2019 to look for in the payroll industry.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a huge topic for 2019 on what capabilities it has and how you can integrate it into your company.  Al has the ability to generate calculations and data tasks such as tax exemptions. This can allow HR professionals more time to take on different tasks.

Cloud based services have major advantages for business development. Not only can cloud based services help with recruiting efforts but it can also assist with payroll developments. It will allow programs to regularly be updated and data to be easily available to employers and employees through any technology system.

With nearly 2,000 cyber breaches in businesses around the US, data security will become a huge item to focus on. A breach in your payroll can lead to more than just s stolen identity. Most of the causes of any breach are coming from internal employees that have clicked on the links from phishing attacks. It is important to conduct on-going training for employees to make sure they are aware of these attacks and are able to prevent them from happening.

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