Best Practices for Onboarding in 2021

onboarding in 2021

Onboarding in 2021

2020 has brought a lot of challenges, however, it also allowed for companies to evolve and adapt to new changes. The biggest change is your onboarding process as it has moved to fully remote for the majority of business or some as they slowly get back to the office are trying to create the proper protocol for new layouts/design, work scheduling, sanitizing stations and more.

As Zempleo, even before the pandemic, more than half of our employees worked from home and has quite a lot of experience with working remote and onboarding from 1 to 10,000+ employees.

Below is a breakdown of key best practices to consider with onboarding in 2021:

Remote Interviewing

Hiring managers have learned to adapt to interviewing people remote due to the accessibility of videoconferencing. This will continue to be a big trend in 2021 as hiring managers will use these platforms to do “face to face” Interviewing virtually from different locations.

COVID-19 Changes

With new laws and mandatory changes to the work environment due to COVID-19, you will want to make sure you are up to date with all the guidelines. It will be very important to ensure all new employees adhere to all the new COVID-19 processes.


As mentioned above, with all the new laws surrounding COVID-19, you will want to make sure your handbook matches these new laws and regulations. You will also want to make sure other business protocol such as your work from home policy, if you have updated, reflects in your handbook as well.

Communication and Technology

Communication is key, don’t overdo it will a bunch of zoom meetings, ensure you clearly give them all the information as well as PDFs for new employees for resources they can reference. You will also want to ensure your technology is up to date and easy to use. Technology will always be evolving, and it will be a very large factor in the success of your onboarding.


With the rise of cybersecurity attacks due to COVID-19, you will want to make sure your IT is making this a top priority. Allow your employees to know best practices for phishing email attacks, keep technology up to date, etc.

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